Reunion Committee

To put on our 20 year reunion, we have created a Reunion Committee which conducts most of our business via the Yahoo Discussion Area, email, conference calls and occassional meetings in person. We had started with the idea of multiple committees, but since we do not have a lot of volunteers and most committees had only 1 member, we simplified it by collapsing the group back to just the one Reunion Committee. Individuals can take on individual tasks but major decisions, sign offs on expenses and stuff have to then come back to the Reunion Committee for a vote.

Everyone is welcome to join in -- we have plenty of tasks to work on! Below is a partial list of some of the things we need to get done and who is working on them now. If you want to help someone on a task or take lead on one yourself, let Ray Bowers ( know and we will get you plugged in.


Friday Night Mixer

Saturday Night Banquet

Sunday afternoon Picnic