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October 11, 2006

Andy (Andrew) Jones, totlsprts@aol.com, Raleigh, NC

I frequently think about Mike, especially if I happen to catch "Fast Times at Ridgemond High," because he wanted so badly in a strange way to be Jeff Spiccoli. I'll never forget that quick, almost chirpy laugh. That was Beach, or rather, "Beach-Head."

I met him through Pat Plut - they were neighbors - and we were good friends right up to the day of his passing. Pat visited me in Wilmington (I now live in Raleigh) about six years ago, and over several hours of having some cold ones we spent a good hour talking about Mike.

His memory will never go away. I am blessed to have known him. I hope his brothers and folks are doing well.

September 27, 2006

Eric Lindsey, eclindsey@cox.net, Reston, VA

Mike Beach, I still visite his grave site. Mike was a like a little brother... pain in the ass little brother that I loved and protected. I will always miss him... always

July 11, 2006

Michael Smith, michaelsmith@nyc.rr.com, New York City

I still have a vivid picture of Mike's smile and good nature. I have many fond memories of the fun times we spent together. Mike touched a lot of people's lives and will never be forgotten. His smile is forever imbedded in my mind like it was yesterday. My full glass will always be raised to you.

November 21, 2005

Debbie (Kamerer) Nungesser, nung02@bellsouth.net, Wilmington, NC

I will always remember Mike in Sunday school at Alldersgate. Well! Or trying to find some way out of Sunday school.We had fun sneaking out to the playground and sitting up in the fort till church was over just talking about everything under the sun. I will hold those days in my heart forever and remember my friend.

November 25, 2005

Steve Swygert, rokkinroll@yahoo.com, Cumberland, MD

I remember Mike well from several years shared in school, wrestling team, and friends school parties...the events surrounding his loss were a tragedy, and shocked me when I learned of his passing. I pray that his passing was not in vain, and that some of his friends have learned from his accident. I knew three of the four people in that ill fated car accident, and I am just thankful two others I knew survived. My prayers are with Mike and his family, and those that were close to him, as well as his friends that were with him that night. Mike, I miss your sense of humor, and all the laughs we shared, and I for one will not forget you.

November 29, 2005

Laura Edgerton, ledgerton@nc.rr.com, Raleigh, NC

Mike, I will always remember your jean jacket full of U2 pins -- before anyone else was hooked. What a trendsetter and fun guy you were. You're missed.

January 24, 2006

Tim Langanke, tim_langanke@hotmail.com, Alexandria, VA

There are a lot of things positive to remember Mike by. Trips to Kings Dominion. Wearing Vans. U2. The Cult. I was in Florida when his Mom called my parents to give me the news. We had spent lots of time together hanging out before he passed. Talked about getting an apartment. Working out. I wasn't able to bring myself to say goodbye to Mike at his funeral.

You'll never be forgotten by those of us who got to know you. "Party on dude!"

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