In Memory of...

No matter how few of our classmates are listed here, it will always seem like that number too many... If you have information about classmates who are no longer with us, please e-mail If you would like to share any thoughts, prayers or memories about our classmates, please sign their individual guest books. Updated photos, such as engagement/wedding & family photos, would also be nice to add.

12 matching alumni.

PhotoName (First M. Last)StatusPrior SchoolLast Update
View Senior PhotoDawn M. FinneyDeceasedGroveton2006-03-27
View Senior PhotoKelly CornbrooksDeceasedFort Hunt2005-12-10
View Senior PhotoSusan E. GreenwaldDeceasedFort Hunt2005-11-23
View Senior PhotoJanice M. LoPrinziDeceasedGroveton2005-11-13
View Senior PhotoMark E. CraftsDeceasedFort Hunt2005-11-11
View Senior PhotoMichael A. BeachDeceasedFort Hunt2005-11-07
View Senior PhotoDeanna R. BetheaDeceasedFort Hunt2005-11-07
View Senior PhotoLaura L. MessmoreDeceasedFort Hunt2005-11-07
View Senior PhotoVictoria A. SimmonsDeceasedGroveton2005-11-07
View Senior PhotoRonald H. ReavesDeceasedFort Hunt2005-11-06
View Senior PhotoKatherine A. WildmanDeceasedFort Hunt2005-11-05
View Senior PhotoRobert A. WinchellDeceasedGroveton2005-11-01